Best carpet cleaner for pet hairs?

Vax Rapid Deluxe carpet cleanerWhether you have a junk pet or normal pet, at some point you will be faced with the problem of trying to remove pet hairs from your carpet. In many cases, it’s also not only pet hairs that need removing but all those little “accidents”. A vacuum cleaner will do a good job but you really need a good carpet washer to deep clean the carpet. So what is the best carpet cleaner for pets?

To save time we headed straight over to Best Carpet Cleaner Guide; and checked out the latest offerings from Vax and Bissell. It was not immediately obvious on the site which was the best carpet washer but with a bit of digging around the site (it was quite easy to navigate) we came across a model that was lightweight, easy to store and quick to use.

So what is the best Carpet Cleaner for pets (junk or not)? In our opinion its the Vax Rapid Deluxe, a good cleaner at a very competitive price.